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Listen to Gryffin’s uplifting ‘Gravity Pt. 1’ EP

Since Gryffin‘s blistering breakout on the dance music sphere with 2016’s “Heading Home,” the New York City-based producer and multi-instrumentalist has gone on to play the country’s largest stages. From Electric Forest to Coachella and countless others, Gryffin has continually showcased his dynamic instrumentation skills on the keyboard, electric guitar, and mixers. Along the way, he’s developed a feel-good melodic soundscape that spans house, future bass, and indie-pop.

Now Gryffin has unveiled the first in a two-part EP series with the release of Gravity Pt 1. He’s already released the first four tracks from the short form project, but the full package comes together with the addition of “Bye Bye,” featuring Ivy Adara, and “You Remind Me,” with Stanij. The EP reveals much about Gryffin’s penchant for carefully chosen vocalists, who all come together to elevate his glowing landscapes even higher. The result is an incredibly cohesive collection of melodies and rhythms that will leave listeners lifted, elated, and beaming with light-hearted delight.