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LCD Soundsystem frontman shares more details over group’s impending live recorded album, ‘Electric Lady Sessions’

Last November, LCD Soundsystem announced plans to release a live recorded album from inside the famed Electric Lady Studios. Now the rock-electronic crossover act’s frontman, James Murphy, has shared a few more details over the album, titled Electric Lady Sessions, which is due out on February 8.

Comprised mostly of tracks from their most recent American Dream LP, the new live album will showcase improvisational versions of those tracks. Murphy took to Instagram to share some thoughts on Electric Lady Sessions, where he gave some background on how the album came to be in London and New York City.

“to be clear, this is not what i would call a ‘NEW RECORD.’ it’s just a compilation of live-in-the-studio stuff that we like to make and have out,” says Murphy. “sometimes the best version of a song happens on those.”

View Murphy’s full Instagram statement and check out the Electric Lady Sessions tracklist below.

Electric Lady Sessions tracklist
1. Seconds
2. american dream
3. you wanted a hit
4. get innocuous
5. call the police
6. i used to
7. tonite
8. home
9. I Want Your Love
10. emotional haircut
11. oh baby
12. (We Don’t Need This) Fascist Groove Thang