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Alison Wonderland takes center stage on personally charged music video, ‘Peace’ [WATCH]

If there’s one thing we love Alison Wonderland it’s her uncanny ability to put out extremely vulnerable music that speaks to her personal battles and connects with the larger human experience. At the same time, her catalogue tends towards the heavier side of future bass. How she manages to master depth and focus is what draws crowds in drones to her sets all over the world.

The Aussie-native dance music producer, whose on the verge of mainstream crossover, has put out another single, titled “Peace,” that bleeds as well as brightens. The track release comes along with a video accompaniment based on a concept from Wonderland, taking viewers on an intense internal journey—juxtaposing darkness and light, captivity and freedom, despair and hope.

With Venice-based creative duo Cue the Bird bringing her creative vision to life, and Jake Kasheta on video prodution credits, the video is extremely fun to watch as Wonderland dances harnessed across an impressive lightning design. It’s one video fans won’t want to miss.

Photo Credit: Gilbert Sanchez