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Childish Gambino & Rihanna’s film ‘Guava Island’ to debut at Coachella

The announcement of a film starring Donald Glover (known as Childish Gambino) and Rihanna created quite a bit of hype last year, and on Saturday, eager fans will finally get what they’ve been waiting for. Renowned music video director Hiro Murai, who has previously worked with Glover on his hit show “Atlanta” and the viral sensation video for “This is America,” is making his feature-length debut with this film. Titled Guava Island, it’s set to debut on Coachella‘s live stream on Saturday night.

Childish Gambino will be headlining the Coachella main stage on Friday night, April 12, and the film will be shown on the 13th. The project has been shrouded in mystery; all else that is certain is that the film is set in Cuba, where it was shot on location, and that Rihanna is co-starring. Predictions of whether the film will be an extended video, a visual album, or a full-length film are all over the place in the days leading up to Coachella. None of the cast has spoken about the project in public, so it’s anyone’s guess as to what may happen with the film.

This scenario is ideal for Childish Gambino, able to build hype with the air of mystery as well as riding a certain wave after his Friday performance. It remains to be seen what the new video project will actually entail, but everyone will be holding their breath and waiting to see the product of so much labor and hype.