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Watch Aphex Twins’ show-stopping Coachella performance

The first weekend of Coachella went on this past weekend in Indio Valley, with a live stream offering a front row spot to viewers who couldn’t make it to the Calfornia mega-festival. However, some artists were not featured on the live stream due to time constraints and scheduling. Aphex Twin was one of those artists. However, the veteran producer and godfather of glitch did have legions of committed fans turn out to experience his tripped out sounds and mind-bending visuals in real time.

Coming right off a sold-out show in New York City, Aphex Twin’s Coachella weekend one performance marks his first music festival DJ set in a decade. An iconic moment, to be sure. Thankfully, one fan knew just how iconic and managed to get the entire set recorded and uploaded to YouTube in eight parts. It may be no Coachella official live stream, but for die-hard fans who’ve been following him for up to decades, the capture is surely a treat with loads of live cuts from his recent Collapse EP.