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RL Grime curates Sable Valley ‘Research’ playlist, nods to G Jones, Flume & EPROM, plus more

RL GRIME (real name, Henry Steinway) isn’t just a pioneer of his very own seductive trap sound, he’s the recent leader of his very own imprint in Sable Valley. He’s signed graves as the label’s first artist, who recently released his debut project, and now RL on the search for more artists, with this open casting call.

In service of that goal, Henry Steinway has recently curated his very own playlist that he’s calling “Sable Valley – Research.” Now, no one knows quite what that means exactly. Either Steinway is making a very public statement about which artists he is courting or he is giving artists an idea of the very sound aesthetic he’s on the look for. We’d be willing to guess it’s both.

In any case, the playlist is strong and, for all intents and purposes, perfect for anyone’s personal enjoyment. With artists like Flume, G Jones, graves, Gesaffelstein, Whethan, and more, the 37-track playlist is great for any time of day, whether it’s a workflow motivation or a weekend pre-party mix.