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ATLiens x Blanke – Contact

Recent trends in electronic music have been a blessing for fans of dark, heavy bass music. The emergence of artists like Rezz, 1788-L and Shades onto the scene has fans and producers alike craving more of the sub-crippling deep sounds that have been ravaging festivals and clubs. Enigmatic duo ATLiens has found themselves to be one of the pioneers of the emergent scene, and their latest release is no exception.

Written with up-and-coming producer Blanke, their single “Contact” has blasted off and taken us even deeper into the world of heavy tones. Filled with haunting, extraterrestrial synthesizer sounds, blistering bass riffs, and punchy, crisp drum work, this one is sure to be a summer headbanging anthem. Expert use of occasional silence and eerie vocal samples punctuate the track, and the end result is deliciously spooky.