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See what Red Rocks looked like in the 1930s [Photos]

The majestic Red Rocks Amphitheater is easily one of the world’s most pristine music venues. Whether it’s an EDM event, metal or hip-hop, there’s a certain spiritual presence one feels perched atop the Rocky Mountain foothills overlooking an ocean of twinkling Denver streetlights. But the legendary venues, which gained National Historic Landmark status in 2015, wasn’t always one such sight to behold.

Between the years of 1936 and 1941, the Civilian Conservation Corp built Red rocks around the foothills’ natural rock formations. “The amphitheatre project required them to remove 25,000 cubic yards of rock and dirt and used 90,000 square feet of flagstone, ten carloads of cement, 800 tons of quarried stone, and 30,000 pounds of reinforced steel,” according to Red Rocks History.

See what Red Rocks looked like in its infancy below.

Photo credits: Denver Public Library. Via: KDVR Denver.