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Is Ultra Music Festival leaving Miami after 21 years?

The time may have come for Ultra Miami to leave Miami.

Ultra Miami organizers just took to Twitter that it was voluntarily terminating its license with the City of Miami. The news comes in the wake of many hardships for the festival since getting booted from its longtime venue in Downtown Miami’s Bayfront Park.

Although Bayfront was pinnacle venue for the event, many who were opposed to its presence (namely downtown residents) cited traffic issues and noise complaints. Still, those issues paled in comparison to the problems that arose from a move to Virginia Key, which included transportation disasters, breakouts of fires, and massive stresses on local aquatic life.

“Throughout the years of Ultra’s existence, our top priority has always been to offer you the best possible festival experience,” said Ultra organizers in their official statement. “After listening to feedback from many of you (including 20,000 fans who took our post-event survey), it is clear that the festival experience on Virginia Key was simply not good enough.”

Now Ultra Miami is on the search for a new location in South Florida and they’ve got plenty of leads, by the sounds of it. “We have been approached by many interested parties over the years with offers to host the festival at some very unique and impressive locales,” say organizers. “One of these, however, has shined far above the others, and we look forward to making our home there for many years to come.”