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Miami city officials deny Ultra’s contract to remain at Bayfront Park, Ultra responds

After 18 years of calling Downtown Miami’s Bayfront Park it’s home, Ultra Music Festival may be getting the boot. Today, the Miami City Commission of Planning and Zoning voted unanimously to deny a recent five-year agreement that would have allowed Ultra to remain at their beloved home.

The news follows a year-long battle with Miami’s Downtown Neighbors Alliance (DNA), who submitted a petition to the city commissioner in July of last year. The petition had only 1,100 signatures.

Still, the news comes as shocking given how Ultra’s festival organizers announced during it’s 20th anniversary edition that the 2019 annual gathering would be returning to Bayfront Park.

Employees and fans of UMF alike showed out in dire support today for the fight over their venue. Over all, UMF rakes in $79 million positive impact on South Florida’s economy.


**UPDATE: Friday, September 28, 2018, 4:29pm CT: Ultra Worldwide released a statement today addressing widespread media reporting corrections. They wished to reiterate that the festival will not be leaving Miami.

“The vote,” as organizers clarify over their socials, “represents only a denial of certain terms of the current proposed 5-year contract, rather than the continued production of the overall festival itself.”

They went on to note that they are working with city officials and downtown residents to draft up a new resolution that is mutually beneficial for all involved parties. The statement remains intentionally vague over the likelihood that Bayfront Park is still in the running as a venue possibility — although many remain hopeful that the folks behind UMF can work towards a solution.

Now, more than ever, is the time when fans of Ultra Miami must let their voices be heard.