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The sun is setting on Major Lazer, reveals Diplo

It’s the end of an era for Major Lazer as Diplo reveals that the sun may be setting on his ten year collaborative electronic/hip-hop project with Jillionaire and Walshy Fire.

In a recent interview with Complex, the Mad Decent boss allude to the dance hall trio’s split following one final album in the works, set for release next year.

“Music is so fast nowadays. It’s like we’re in a hip-hop cycle all the time; a new rapper comes out and careers last like two years these days. Everything is so rushed, so we’re just so lucky we can get things out on the radio these days. I think this project has enough energy around it that we’re able to keep being relevant, that’s the essence of being great DJs. We all love music, so we don’t have to get stuck in a certain style.”

The news comes on the heels of their frontman announcing a forthcoming commemorative collection to mark Major Lazer’s ten year anniversary. According to Diplo, the album will feature “[a] bunch of stuff you haven’ t heard like that we made the last ten years. Next year marks our last album, so we got a lot of stuff in between now and then.”

Of course, the news of tons of new material isn’t anything new, as the group recently posted a bunch of teasers over their Twitter. News of the split also isn’t too surprising either.

Many have speculated that the reason for the disbandment is largely due to Diplo having had his hands in so many projects lately — from his highly-visible LSD trio with Labrinth and Sia to his Silk City duo with Mark Ronson.


Photo credit: Dan Wilton/Red Bull Content Pool