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Miami City Council member leaks Ultra Music Festival’s new location

It’s no secret that Ultra Music Festival has been facing some growing pains. After losing their longtime location in downtown Miami, festival organizers moved the enormous production to Florida’s Miami Marine Stadium and Virginia Key State Park. The new venue was marred by transportation issues getting festival attendees off of the island.

While any sort of backlash could never completely tarnish the festival’s foothold as one of the globe’s premier EDM events, it seems as if the festival is dealing with one hardship after another, including a recent decision to voluntarily leave the city of Miami. In their public letter, they hinted at one potential new location that “shined far above the others,” and information has come out that suggests exactly where that is.

Miami City Manager George Gretsas told the Miami Herald that he had been made aware of conversations between festival organizers and the Homestead-Miami Speedway, a venue about 30 miles southwest of the city.

It is our expectation that at some point, they will formally submit a proposal,” added Gretsas.

Organizers seem determined to cement its forever home, and with 21 years of experience running a landmark sensational event, there is plenty of hope that the end result will be a positive one.