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Detox Unit’s new six-track ‘Deviate’ EP is a true deviation from the norm [STREAM]

Detox Unit has been popping up on so many festival lineups recently that it’s becoming hard to look the other way. With Sonic Bloom already under his belt, the left-field bass producer is already confirmed for Infrasound, Imagine, Resonance, and Quasar this year, with more hopefully on the horizon. Detox Unit has gained an immense amount of love and admiration in the past few months.

Recently, Detox Unit released an all-new EP, titled Deviate. The project is chocked full of six off-kilter bass tracks filled with changing tempos and a variety of glitchy beats and soothing scratches. The EP begins with “Escape,” a four-minute track that guides listeners into an intense sonic journey. Each of the tracks are packed with a punch of some unique signature sounds woven throughout. Journeying through the four other tracks, it becomes increasingly clear that the Tipper vibes are strong on this one! Proving itself a true deviation from the norm, Deviate ends with “Detox Unit 2019 Crusty Ass Bootleg Promo Mix,” an almost 12-minute track that is a musical quirk masterpiece in its very own league. Also, it’s one that is sure to give listeners a good laugh. Stream the entire EP below.