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The wait is over: RL GRIME releases heavy remix of G JONES’ ‘In Your Head’

Ever since RL GRIME first delivered his edit of G JONES‘ “In Your Head” at Buku, the track has been one of the most anticipated songs over the past few months. A majority of RL GRIMES’ fanbase hadn’t even heard of the burgeoning Bay Area bass artist at the time. So began the constant teasing of the track at Sundara, then Spring Awakening, as RL GRIMES was testing crowd reactions.

Now that edit sees it’s release in the form of a full-blown official remix. RL GRIMES take on the track, which is one of the more recognizable singles from G JONES’s debut album, is just as dark and foreboding as the original. However, RL GRIME never ceases to put his own unique stamp on anything he touches. Characterized by varying tempos, new layers and added dimensions, eery background synths, and those signature RL trap drums, the remix proves that the two producer’s respective styles aren’t starkly different at all.