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Bluetech’s ‘Liquid Geometries In Dub’ remix album is enchanting and intentional

Evan Bartholomew’s artistic pursuit spans twenty years of dedicated focus under three different aliases. Known more widely as Bluetech, he’s a classically trained pianist who holds over 27 album and EP releases that experiment with the digital and analog realms of sound design. A self-prescribed plant lover, his sonic inspirations draw on both organic and psychedelic luminosity, along with a heavy reliance on the visual element.

An accomplished illustrator and 3D artist, Bartholomew is also heavily credited with co-founding Microdose VR alongside Android Jones and Vision Agency Team. Having also worked with 8stem, Bartholomew’s passion for sounds and technology continues to light the pathway for his innovative and creative development. His live shows are internationally renowned for their hypnotic and transcendent visual components.

Recently, Bluetech teamed up with UK dub label, Liquid Sound Design Records, to offer a collection of cutting-edge remixes for his previous album, Liquid Geometries, released previously on DIN Records.

“I’ve always seen a visual component in my mind’s eye when I’m composing and listening to music, and its most often geometric forms that are shifting and changing,” says Bluetech. “As new angles of polygons reveal themselves, new notes appear in a melody, and as they turn and change, the music turns and changes. The term ‘liquid geometries’ is literally the closest description I can come up with to how I compose and approach music production.”

Composed of high fluidity through modular dub and deep ambiance, Liquid Geometries In Dub remix album features 15 rejuvenating remixes from like-minded artists such as Desert Dwellers, Saafi Brothers, Gaudi, and Living Light. The LP lays out varying sonic landscapes ranging from downtempo and future bass to industrial techno and, of course, classic dub. Bluetech has wrangled the perfect collection of cacophonous sounds and meditative grooves to offer an awe-inspiring, enchanting, and intentional listening experience.