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filous enlists Ashe on colorful new single, ‘Monday’

22-year-old wunderkind and full-fledged sonic auteur Matthias Oldofredi, better known as filous, has just released a vibrant new track that’s perfect for summer. Landing as the second single the Austrian songwriter/producer has released this year, filous has teamed up with Los Angeles songtress Ashe, whose vocal talents he had been a fan of for quite a while. The track, titled “Monday,” began on the final day of a writing camp filous was attending in Italy.

“It was a really sunny day so we thought we‘d set up a studio outside in the garden overlooking vineyards,” filous says about the writing process. “Earlier while I was on a walk, I’d had the idea of writing a song about finding someone you want to get to know beyond the weekend. So, we started the session with the line ‘I want to see you on a Monday’ in mind.”

This heartwarming song takes listeners on a sonic journey with Ashe’s incredibly earnest lyrics. With playful plucked guitar melodies, earnest lyrics, and an easy-paced four-on-the-floor beat, the track conveys a youthful, starry-eyed optimism about new love. The track’s gentle percussive beats, which slowly transitions into something more uptempo throughout, brings forth happy and optimistic feelings, very similar to the fluttering butterflies of falling in love.