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Celebrate the second coming of ‘PRYDA 15’ with Eric Prydz’s ‘Volume 2’ EP release

When it comes to new music releases, Eric Prydz has a plethora of unreleased material in his musical vault. This past year, the progressive house juggernaut announced he would be celebrating the fifteen year inception of his PRYDA  moniker with a new EP series. The three-pronged project was said to contain the many of the lost tracks he’s been incorporating into his live production over the years.

Following the release of PRYDA 15 VOL 1 this past June, Prydz continues to quench his fans’ thirst for more of those many unreleased IDs with eight newly mastered titles. PRYDA 15 VOL 2 expands on the six tracks introduced on the first volume, following the format of his PRYDZ 10 release back in 2014. Every song on the new EP exceeds eight minutes, with the exception of “Villa Mercedes” and “The Drive.”

From the crooning synth-laden opener in “Sonar,” to the rousing progressive grooves of “The Riddle,” all the way until the EP’s electro-hitting exit track, PRYDA takes his fanbase on a long drive into the deep dancefloor cuts that they’ve been ever so longing for over quite some time. This isn’t a project one should just speed and skip through randomly, but rather something listeners ought to take their time with, so as to allow the gradually introduced subtleties to fully take hold.