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Disclosure on new album coming soon: ‘We’ve written over 100 songs in the last few years’

Disclosure are sitting on a wealth of unreleased music and the brotherly duo have just revealed plans to pull new music out of the vault as soon as December, according to a recent interview with ABC’s triple j.

“We’ve been working on this music for two years now. We’re getting to a point we’re almost happy but we’ve been at that ‘almost’ stage for a while,” says Howard Lawrence, one half of the UK duo. “We wanna get something out either at the end of this year or beginning of next.”

Apparently, they’ve written over 100 songs but haven’t yet compiled them in any order or even decided which ones to release on an album. Howard went on to explain that there’s “a big mixture of stuff” in consideration for the third album, but that they haven’t arrived on any decisions to stylistically string together the un-finished tracks into a larger full-length project. By the sounds of it, the LP could be a little further off than fans hope. After all, the pair haven’t arrived on any definite track selections as of yet and aren’t even talking about the post-production phases of mastering.

It’s the first fans have heard from Disclosure since this time last year, when Disclosure released a series of five tracks in one week — “Moonlight,” “Where Angels Fear To Tread,” “Love Can Be So Hard,” “Funky Sensation,” and “Where You Come From,” respectively. Patience must be a virtue for Disclosure fans given how the two haven’t released a full studio album since 2015’s Caracol, which was critically received as a “sophomore slump” project. So a carefully planned, albeit delayed, third album would be not just appreciated from the duo, but make-or-break for them as well.

Source: ABC/triple j