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Stream DEATHPACT’s world debut from Shambhala 2019

Since a viral collaboration on REZZ’s seminal sophomore album, and a follow up on “Kiss of Death” this past summer, DEATHPACT has been stepping out as a heavy newcomer whose identity is still but a mystery. All that is known of the masked bass producer is a penchant for expertly-crafted sounds that fall into the mid-tempo wheelhouse of REZZ‘s sonic terrain. Now the hooded figure is ready to step out onto global stage with a statement-making set from Shambhala Music Festival.

What better way for a debutant party than the international arena of Shambhala, where the producer is clearly attempting to align their musical persona with the eccentric cultural identity of the Farm. The young producer’s SoundCloud has just barely broke 5,000 followers with a stirring catalogue to match, which includes two EPs, a mini EP, countless original singles, and a collaboration with 1788-L that arguably put him on the map.

The hour-long set is filled with menacing mid-tempo productions that kicks off with DEATHPACT and REZZ’s “Life & Death,” from the latter’s Beyond The Senses EP. Then, as Shambhala attendees are given a barrage of deep, dark, and dangerous flavors, DEATHPACT ambushes the crowd with a litany of glitched-out originals rinsed out with a militia-like strength. Thankfully for those who couldn’t make it up to Canada earlier this month, DEATHPACT has uploaded a studio-quality version of the shuttering Shambhala set for all to bathe themselves in the bass.