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REZZ and DEATHPACT team up again to bring fans ‘Kiss of Death’

Little has been spoken from Neptune land lately. REZZ is gearing up for her highly anticipated EP, Beyond The Senses, which is due out next week, July 24. Now the Cult leader breaks a bit of her silence by sharing the latest track off of the forthcoming project. It’s the third single released off the EP, following “Dark Age” and the Underoath-assisted track, “Falling.”

REZZ and DEATHPACT are no strangers to working together, with their first joint effort landing on REZZ’s last full-length album, Certain Kind of Magic. The track, “Life and Death,” was a real upbeat fan favorite — one that catapulted DEATHPACT to being known across the EDM landscape.

For their victory lap, the two characteristically dark producers decided to trek down the evolutionary trail with a track titled “Kiss of Death.” It’s is a spooky, hypnotic track filled with eerie beats, hair rasing builds, infinite layers that feel like peeling back one’s skin, and of course REZZ’s iconic signature sounds.