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Promo Spotlight: PRIME, Vital, & Lights All Night are bringing on the bass with Wobbleland Dallas

Given how music opens the connection to the soul, artists and their fanbases must represent the body. Promotional companies, then, are the heartbeat of the music industry. These are the local street teams, the social media hustlers, the business negotiators, the backstage bookers and talent scouters — all working tirelessly at their tiers with management teams, venues, press, and so on to bring fans their favorite music. However, promotional companies often get overlooked by music goers, outshined by big names and line-ups. They don’t much care for the spotlight though, and they definitely don’t do it for the money. They do it all for the love of music.

That’s why CE is proud to present our Promo Spotlight series, where we scour the United States for local promotional companies to shine a light on the people working behind the scenes of music. They are, for all intents and purposes, music’s beating life force. 

PRIME and Lights All Night are the creators of some of the freshest electronic events in Dallas. Joined by Vital Entertainment, which just made its move to California, the three concert promoters have recently been in cohoots of their latest joint venture with Wobbeland. The goal is to bring the California-based bass extravaganza to Dallas. With the ear-blasting, sight-for-sore eyes event that was the inaugural Wobbleland Dallas last year, it’s safe to say they are succeeding in that goal.

Their second annual showcase is taking place at The Bomb Factory, which is capable of accommodating over 4,000 fans, with its mezzanine, casual suits, and VIP options. Featuring 14 artists across multi-genre bass and bass house feels, the city of Dallas continues its legacy in the electronic community by bringing top-notch talent such as Adventure Club, Ghastly, Liquid Stranger, Funtcase, Subtronics, LSDream, and much more.

In a matter of only a few years, Dallas has become a stop-off point for the burgeoning bass movement that is taking over the country. Before 2015, one couldn’t find a bass music show if they tried. Now, as more underground bass promotional companies have started to rise up, bass music fans have their pick of the lot with bass music shows that span the full spectrum of the genre. Industry leaders like PRIME are taking note too, partnering with their smaller sister companies to give the people what they want. In addition, bass enthusiasts will notice that the past two iterations of Lights All Night have been heavily bass music focused. It’s obvious that these two companies have their finger on the pulse of what music is in high demand across North Texas.

An official Wobbleland afterparty will also be taking shape at the world-renown nightclub, Lizard Lounge. The secret special guest headliner is sure to be a bass heater, so grab your tickets here.

Wobbleland Dallas takes place one night, Saturday, September 7. Tickets are still available, here.

Additional words by Ryan Morse.