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DROELOE releases first single off forthcoming ‘A Promise Is Made’ EP

The powerhouse duo is back with an invoking new single bringing awareness to our virtual-driven world. The two Dutch future bass and electronic music producers, who create under the name DROELOE, have just released a little snippet of their upcoming and highly anticipated A Promise Is Made EP.

“Virtual Friends” takes listeners on an intimate sonic journey, telling a story of feeling alone while everyone is attached to their phones communicating with virtual friends. The songs message is lamentably fitting considering the technology obsessed culture that pervades modern society. Not only is this track easily relatable, but the melody is pleasing and memorable.

DROELOE’s signature sounds are layered between perfectly mastered percussion notes, remarkable chords, and funky vocals. The bouncy bassline and beautiful melodies are what truly make it so refreshing and unique. It’s clear the track was crafted with great care and offers a glimpse into the forthcoming EP.