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Eli & Fur return with ‘Into the Night’ EP

Anjunadeep has been unloading truckloads of solid music recently. From a hot new Moon Boots release to a collaborative debut from Luttrell and Ben Böhmer and the always-magical mixes dropped off by Lane 8, the UK-based label has long had a rock-solid foundation to stand on. Featuring smooth and groovy rhythms on every cut, the Above & Beyond-led imprint has long been a household name in the world of dance music.

Eli & Fur are an excellent addition to the roster, coming aboard and adding their brand of ethereal, deep house vibes to the label offshoot’s impressive sound. Each EP release has shown an evolution in the Eli & Fur sound, with 2018’s Night Blooming Jasmine seeing the duo master a sound they’d been working on for years. Eli & Fur’s newest EP project is a continuation on the same theme, seeing the pair go deeper and more evocative with their sound.

The Into the Night EP clocks in at a short-and-sweet three tracks, although each comes with an extended version. Hypnotic, mysterious, and meditative, the mood of the project is dark and emotional. Eli & Fur take listeners on a musical journey that is mellow but intensely evocative, captivating in its rhythms and melodies, and winding trails that will have listeners lost in their unique sound.