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Deadmau5 will go in-depth on his cube v3 in a special interview

Joel Zimmerman is famous for many things: his trend-setting deadmau5 releases, his thriving mau5trap label, his once-outspoken social media presence, and his legendary live production of the Cube. Now in its third iteration, the Candian dance music mogul’s most recent version of the iconic structure debuted at Ultra Music Festival back in March and it wasn’t long before the ensuing Cube V3 tour was announced.

Billboard has announced that deadmau5 will be giving an in-depth interview about the intricacies of the Cube and its production. The Billboard Live Music Summit will be hosting the interview as deadmau5 live casts from his state-of-the-art home studio in Ontario. It’s always exciting to get an inside glimpse into Zimmerman’s impressive setup, especially considering it’s one of the most talked-about home studios in the world.

The bar has also been set high for deadmau5’s live performances, as the Cube is one of the most cutting-edge, complex productions in live music today. It will certainly be fascinating to peer into what it takes to design and engineer such a spectacular piece of technology. The Billboard Live Music Summit takes place November 5-6 in Beverly Hills, California.