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Heal, grow, learn, and transform with Resonance’s consciousness-raising workshops

Resonance Music & Arts Festival is offering some of the season’s most transcendent workshops this weekend, September 19-22. Organizers have designed the schedule with the intention of helping attendees come together to heal, grow, learn, and transform. The workshops match the vibe of the festival itself, focusing largely on spirituality and consciousness-raising efforts. Held inside the Home Dome and the Om Dome, workshops will mostly be held on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, with the exception of a closing ceremony on Sunday. 

The Home Dome offers many activities ranging from art, multiple forms of therapy, lectures, and lessons on important life topics that aren’t discussed nearly as much as they should be. Among these topics are henna and sacred geometry, sacred yoni care, moving through fear to love, sonic alchemy, and much more.

The Om Dome focuses primarily on a multitude of yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, dances, vibrational sound healing, plant consciousness, and more. On Thursday, The Om Dome will be kicking off with “The OMazing Power of Om,” followed by a heart meditation workshop, then chakra cleansing and crystal charging, and a sonic journey through movement meditation to close out the day.

Friday at the Om Dome begins with an hour of soulful surrender vinyasa flow, before switching gears to an hour of improv dance. After lunch, attendees can take part in Laughter Yoga, followed by a sonically guided meditative journey, and then restoration and pranayama breathing.

Yoga is offered every morning at both the Home Dome and Om Dome on Saturday. Immediately afterward, the Om Dome offers an hour of inner fire yoga while the Home Dome offers a lesson on forgiveness and natural law. In the afternoon, take part in salsa dancing lessons and Ayurvedic yoga at the Om Dome or a lesson on social entrepreneurship and conscious business at the Home Dome. Saturday’s final evening workshops The Om Dome has a surprise with Kayla Simmons, while the Home Dome closes out with some group drumming as a form of meditation.

For Resonance attendees, the festival gathering is about so much more than the music alone. With so many wonderfully unique work offerings, it’s truly a place to transcend. View the full schedules for the Home Dome and Om Dome below.