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The Glitch Mob and others speak out against facial recognition technology at Live Nation events

Live Nation is commonly the brunt of jokes as being the devil of live music. The global corporate conglomerate has been investigated by the US Department of Justice for monopolizing as well as shady ticket scalping practices. Now Ticketmaster is attempting to replace physical ticket sales with facial recognition technology, alongside tech firm Blink Identity. The move, which the Live Nation-owned company believes is the future, is calling its ethics into question once again.

However, digital rights advocacy group Fight For The Future isn’t having any of it. The organization has launched a public service campaign called Ban Facial Recognition, and its gaining ground with artists in the music industry. Gramatik has come out as staunchly opposed, despite being a huge supporter of pushing music into the digital age with his bitcoin currency. Now The Glitch Mob arises as a strong voice in the protest to “protect the privacy of fans at live shows.”

Thievery Corporation and Tom Morello have also joined in support of the campaign, with the latter saying, “I don’t want Big Brother at my shows targeting fans for harassment, deportation, or arrest.”

Join the movement by signing Fight For The Future’s petition, here.