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Illenium and Excision debut unreleased collaboration at Lost Lands [WATCH]

Jeff Abel, better known by his stage name Excision, just wrapped up the third year of his personally curated music festival, Lost Lands. Over the last five years, Abel has exceeded all expectations with his nonstop touring and specialized events. The heavy bass mogul continues to pour everything he has into his devoted fanbase, with Lost Lands representing the pinnacle of that commitment. The festival weekend wrapped up with an emotionally charged Excision b2b Illenium set.

Separately, both producers stand apart in the industry with their work ethic and passion to provide high-quality experiences to their beloved listeners. Together, they represent a yin-and-yang in terms of what they bring to the bass music world. During the set, the two debuted an unreleased collaboration fusing both of their styles of dubstep into one impressive feel-good track. The first drop clearly came from the depths of Illenium’s heart with a futuristic bassline while the second drop has Excision’s imprint all over it. The track features dark male vocals from I Prevail that transition from a melodic style to heavy rock, thereby icing the cake on this sweet-spot dubstep track.