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NGHTMRE releases heavy rendition of by SLANDER, Seven Lions, and Dabin’s ‘First Time’

Almost exactly a year ago to the date, Seven Lions, SLANDER, and Dabin all joined forces to create “First Time,” a melodic hit single infused with beautiful bass. It paints a pretty picture with its mesmerizing baselines and soothing beats, eventually building up to some heavier bass after an astonishing drop. The track incorporates all three of the artists’ styles for a perfectly blended encapsulation of their signature sounds.

Fast forward to one year later and NGHTMRE has just released an equally encapsulating remix of the track that immediately became dubbed a fan favorite. The addition of NGHTMRE’s heavy bass stamp is what makes this remix so successful with EDM crowds. By slightly altering the beats, upping the track’s tempo, tweaking the bassline, and embedding his own signature sounds in there, NGHTMRE renders “First Time” into an amped-up remix primed for the main stage.