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Justin Jay delivers ‘Future Feels’ EP on Desert Hearts

Justin Jay continually captivates his audience with infectious and lucid frequencies that are filled with innovative experimentation. His music is composed of groovy blends and exhilarating tempos that are lush and reflective of Disco-era themes. The DIRTYBIRD all-star most notably released his Everything Will Come Together Pt. 1 LP this year, which landed in May his newly formed imprint, Fantastic Voyage. Currently on a nationwide tour across the states, Jay is celebrating the third anniversary of his career-shaping album, Fantastic Voyage, which inspired his label by the same name.

Jay is now welcomed into a new label home with a brand new short player, Future Feels, out now on Desert Hearts (DH). While Jay had been featured on a DH compilation album before, the four-track EP consists of two originals and two extended versions of those originals that fully encapsulate the Desert Hearts vibe. The title track is a modern yet futuristic tune that illuminates through crescendoing chord synthesis and thrilling percussives. The eerie sampling adds an acceptable drive to the weird basslines that are layered with sporadic effects. “Rave Tool” pulsates through hip-hop like vocal chops and depth tones that vibrate through intricate textures and action-based psy-fi melodic leads.

Justin Jay is one of those versatile house producers who can craft a sound tailored to any crowd, any label, and any mood. Future Feels prooves that fact, staying true Jay’s knack for funky experimentation and the Desert Hearts “House. Techno. Love.” banner.