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Virtual Riot unloads 8-track ‘Save Yourself’ EP via Disciple

Over the last couple of weeks, dubstep lovers have been getting an ample amount of new music. From all the sets rolling in from Lost Lands to a brand new Excision and Illenium collaboration, the music is practically rolling in as fast at the bpm of dubstep. Now, German dubstep producer Virtual Riot has released his brand new EP, Save Yourself, to add to the plethora of new bass music. The eight-track EP takes listeners through a journey through several different genres, tones, and tempos. From heavy bass to more hard style gleaning tracks, Virtual Riot shows the world exactly what his music is made of on the project.

Virtual Riot, aka Valentin Brunn, first came onto the scene with 2013’s There Went Your Money and has since become a dubstep powerhouse after signing with Disciple in 2014. Prior to producing under the alias Virtual Riot, Brunn produced ambient dubstep and future garage music under two different aliases, Your Personal Tranquilizer and Code Generator. Collaborating with industry greats like 12th Planet, Dubloadz, and FuntCase, to name a few, Virtual Riot has remained a household name throughout the EDM, dubstep, and festival community.