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Gramatik & Anomalie unite for ‘Requiem For Peace’ ft. Waka Flocka Flame

A great piece of art occurs when a group of artists, who stem from different musical backgrounds and influences, unite to create something special. “Requiem for Peace” is the product of when Gramatik and Anomalie enlisted Waka Flocka Flame and Chrishira Perrier to form a soothing jazz experimentation dipped in lyrical swerves.

“Anomalie and I first made “Requiem For Peace” as an instrumental when I was recovering from a broken ankle and fibula in 2016. It was very difficult for me to work on music at the time and I was feeling very uninspired. When Anomalie sent me the chord progression, I was so mesmerized by it that I had to work on it, even through the pain,” says Gramatik on how the track came together.”

“The song was sitting on my desktop in instrumental form for a while until I met Waka at a festival we played together,” he continues. “We hung out and hit it off right away. When I got home I immediately sent him the instrumental and he sent me two verses which perfectly fit the vibe of the song. We knew we needed a strong hook, so I reached out to my good friend Andrew Block, who used to play guitar on my shows, and he suggested Chrishira. Sure enough, she wrote a magnificent hook that tied the song together in an epic way. It’s a very personal song for me and I’m curious to see if other people see the magic in it too. Super excited it’s finally time to release it!”

With elaborate collaborations such as “Better Believe It Now” with Big Gigantic, Gramatik fans can now expect more music to be released in shape of a full album, titled Re:Coil, Pt. II, coming soon on Lowtemp Records.