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Big Wild releases acoustic version of latest LP, ‘Superdream: Analog Sessions’

Big Wild shows another side of his ever-changing sound with a brand new EP, Superdream: Analog Sessions. The new EP takes Big Wild’s favorites from his debut album, Superdream, and transforms them into a more downtempo, acoustic version.

“It was a really fun challenge to distill the original songs down to the essentials,” says Big Wild. The talented producer found a new avenue of creative clarity going back to basics in one of his most popular albums.

The sound of the original Superdream album falls between funk-pop and disco house. The transformation from an upbeat album to a stripped back, melodic EP is quite the creative feat. Needless to say, it’s always inspiring to see an artist take on a new direction with their sound design. Big Wild has always been an experimental producer and although this stripped-back sound is definitely something new, it blends in seamlessly with his overall sound.