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EPROM continues to innovate with Deadbeats on newest EP teaser track, ‘Hope’

As a master musician, analog gear junkie, and talented visual artist, EPROM has certainly set the bar high for his productions. The Portland-based producer bulks his performances with experimental sound design, striking visual scenes, and crisp attention to detail at every level. In turn, fans have rightfully come to expect a high level of quality from any of his “digital dysphoria” releases. His newest single, “Hope,” continues that trend with a stunning array of heavy sounds and percussive work.

Landing as the third single off his forthcoming Aikon EP, “Hope” is an exercise in fusing many styles and ideas together. Featuring a slew of rave stabs and a vocal top line that would sound at home in a nineties dance club by themselves, the track still retains a futuristic feel with the addition of jittery drums, rhythmic swelling bass, and tasteful silence. Clocking in at five minutes on the dot, the beginning and end of the track both feature some excellent tonal experimentation and textural frequencies.

Known for his ongoing collaborations with the likes of G Jones, Alix Perez, and even seen recently in the studio with San Holo, EPROM is an innovator in multiple creative realms and his output continues to be exciting at every turn.