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ZHU steps deeper into darkness on partywithray-assisted single, ‘Came For The Low’

ZHU has long been known for his dark aesthetic and desert house beats. Equipped with an impressive live performance and underground personae, the LA-based sound maven has a knack for bringing his listeners deeper into the abyss. ZHU has now pulled his latest single out of the vault in the form of a collaboration with partywithray, “Came For The Low,” out now on Astralwerks.

The track is a four-on-the-floor club record with trademark ZHU vocals and an addictive low bassline. A longtime musical compatriot of ZHU, with roots in Los Angeles’ storied indie scene, the mysterious partywithray adds his special sauce to the proceedings with a style and flair that channels the bratty stepkid of Prince and Fisher, but with an attitude that is all his own. 

The official video for “Came For The Low” is set at Area 51, which is undoubtedly a playful nod to September’s Area 51 raid. Directed by Jack Murgatroyd, whose worked with the likes of Coldplay, Flume, and ODESZA, the video even features an appearance by Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang. The cryptic clip sparks conversation about government transparency, atomic age angst and, of course, aliens.