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Watch Tipper & Datagrama’s full live set at Nightmare Festival

Billed as a Tipper & Friends-like gathering, Nightmare Festival recently took place inside Washington DC’s iconic venue, The Anthem. With TipperJade Cicada, and Detox Unit heading the line-up, how could one not make the comparison? 

The two-weekend affair took place October 19-20. Since then, a fan-recorded video has surfaced of Tipper’s Friday night headlining appearance. The hour-long set features mind-bending visuals from the Datagrama team, who’ve made quite the name for themselves, especially in the Tipper community.

Datagrama has been leading the charge of visual artists earning a spot alongside producers as front-and-center to performance. Dave is certainly one of those producers who doesn’t mind sharing the spotlight. For all intents and purposes, he’s actually helping to spearhead that very same movement.

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