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Kasbo returns with new single, ‘I Get You’ ft. Lizzy Land

Swedish artist Kasbo is back with new music for the first time since his debut album, Places We Don’t Know, was released in 2018 via ODESZA‘s illustrious Foreign Family Collective. The CE favorite, known lesser as Carl Garsbo, recently came off a hiatus after suffering from sudden hearing loss, which he says lead to deep mental health struggles.

After some much-needed R&R, the young producer has teamed up with indie-pop breakout artist, Lizzy Land, in their recent collaborative effort, “I Get You.” The single is a stirring melodic cut with lyrics that speak to understanding a person, even when no one else does. It’s a thematic staple that everyone can relate to.

“’I Get You’ was one of the first songs I made after completing my last album,” Kasbo opens up about the joint effort. “Lizzy Land sent over the vocal which really resonated with me … The whole idea of someone fully understanding and seeing someone – a feeling that fully came into fruition for me when I met my significant other, Jennifer, around the same time Lizzy Land sent the vocal to me. In my life, I think I’ve automatically deemed myself and a lot of things I feel and do as odd, or unjustified. Meeting Jennifer really changed that, she was the same and she fully understood the feelings I had. She made me and my feelings feel real and justified – she got me.”

Despite his many hardships in 2019, the past year has yielded tremendous growth for Kasbo’s career. The kid wunderkind still managed to reach No. 1 on the iTunes electronic charts, amass more than 200 million streams on Spotify for his debut album alone, and was recently announced for the newly MTV-acquired Snowglobe Music Festival, taking place at the end of the year in Lake Tahoe, California.