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Listen to DIGITAL ETHOS’ newest three-track EP, ‘Modus’

With just over four years in the industry game, DIGITAL ETHOS experienced a swift thrust into the limelight two years ago. His surge in popularity came about when Bassnectar put the underground bass experimentalist on the map with their seismic collaboration, “Slather.” Since then, he’s gone onto release alongside Space Jesus and Liquid Stranger, sign with the illustrious Madison House, play festivals like Electric Forest, DejaVoom, and many more.

While DIGITAL ETHOS has been releasing one-off singles for the past year, he hasn’t had a significant body of work since his joint Mars EP with Space Jesus. That all changes now as the Philadelphia-based producer unleashes a harrowing three-track EP project in the form of Modus. Filled with wildly experimental tones, otherworldly sound design, and infectious low-end frequencies, DIGITAL ETHOS doesn’t merely show fans what he’s made of. He flexes his production prowess as far as the ears can see.

From the mind-bending twists and turns of the opening title track, to the high-pitched synths and relentless bass lines of “TRAUMA,” to the melodic standout on the EP in “STARPOWER,” DIGITAL ETHOS proves good things come to those who wait.