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Bassnectar’s NYE 360 sells out well in advance

Folks in the Bassnectar fan-community are either at a loss for words or in a frenzy. Just when some held off on purchasing tickets to the bass music demigod’s seminal year-end event, they were suddenly faced with a harsh reality. One cannot simply sleep on Bassnectar tickets, not even for the larger format arena shows, at least not any longer.

Lorin Ashton, the face behind the larger Bassnectar project, took to his socials yesterday to announce that only a few hundred tickets remained to his NYE 360 gathering in Louisville, Kentucky. A mere few hours later, Ashton returned to the interwebs to announce all tickets have been sold out. It’s a pretty impressive feat considering Louisville’s Freedom Hall sits at around 19,000 at maximum capacity. To sell out with over a month to go merely speaks to Bassnectar’s rockstar appeal.

Considering last year’s 360 event in Greensboro, North Carolina did not sell out until the week prior to the event, fans were left shell shocked. Looks like an evening of “wooking” around for tickets is in the forecast for this New Year’s Eve.

MalaDorfex Bos, and female London dubstep duo Sicaria Sound all slated as NYE 360 opening acts, followed by an extended set from Bassnectar as he spins around in a 360-degree rotating stage for all to behold.