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MUST LISTEN: Insomniac Radio releases Tchami & ZHU’s full b2b set from HARD Summer 2019

Although HARD Summer is long over, that doesn’t mean the surprises have stopped pouring in from the Insomniac Events-produced event. One of the most coveted moments of the weekend in early-August belongs to Tchami and ZHU‘s back-to-back set on the LA-based festival’s firery, pyro-teched out mainstage.

Thankfully, for all those who were able to witness the spectacle in person, and all those who were not, now the entire hour-long set is up as a full-quality listening experience. Tchami’s label, Confession, recently posted up a ripped broadcast of the entire set from Insomniac Radio. The set plays out seamlessly, like a spindle weaving Tchami’s stomping 4-on-the-floor rhythms together with ZHU’s sinister yet sensual sound design. The result is a tapestry of two disparate house styles that compliment each other perfectly. The only downside is that the set will leave you wishing you were at HARD Summer 2019.

Photo credit: Drew Ressler (Rukes).