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The wait is finally over for Madeon’s inspired sophomore album, ‘Good Faith’ [STREAM]

In just a few short years’ time, Madeon has grown from masterful mash-up newcomer to iconic electro-pop sensation. Since releasing his debut album with 2015’s Adventure, the French DJ/producer has become a fixture in the electronic dance scene. He’s garnered production credits for the likes of Lady Gaga, Ellie Goulding, and many more pop icons, birthed a wildly successful artistic concept alongside Porter Robinson and toured Shelter around the world, and built two immaculate live shows around his own solo albums.

Now a monumental stepping-stone moment in the 25-year-old’s creative career. Madeon has released his seminal sophomore studio album, Good Faith, out now on Columbia Records. He’s been teasing the full-length effort since January, releasing the first three tracks off the album in “All My Friends,” “Dream Dream Dream” and “Be Fine,” respectively. So to say this day was well worth the wait might be the biggest understatement of the year.

Weighing in at 10 tracks, Madeon’s entirely solo creative endeavor is a charismatic exploration of dance-pop ballads. Good Faith draws its inspiration from an amalgamation of genres, from indie-electronic to gospel and smooth rock to pop, of course. Glistening synths, bellowing church organs, electric guitar and piano melodies, robust drum work, and Madeon’s synthesized vocals all make their way into a number of the album’s tracks.

By the end of the listening journey, it becomes clear that what Madeon has done here is all in Good Faith. He’s managed to craft a soaring sonic statement that is every bit as technically saavy as it is emotionally poignant. Without a doubt, Good Faith will go down as one of the top albums of 2019.

Catch Good Faith live on Madeon’s album-accompanying world tour, which debuted at Lollapalooza and is currently making its way along the Western US. Full list of dates below.

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