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Stream Pushloop’s 4-track ‘Loose Wires’ EP via Deep Dark & Dangerous

Deep, Dark & Dangerous has consistently been a leader in deep dubstep movement, ever since the label was established in 2014 by the New Zealand-based dubstep duo, Tristan Roake and Andre Fernandez, more widely known as TRUTH. The imprint boasts releases by Shlump, Khiva, DMVU, Rez, Stylust, Thelem, and countless more. So color us surprised when we let Pushloop‘s newest EP, Loose Wires, fly under our noses.

The experimental bass producer hasn’t pulled out anything of consequence since going on a release-spree with his Stereophonic LP, a joint-EP with The Widdler, and another EP in Too Much Tuna, all landing in 2018. While he’s been busy this year with festival appearances at Envision, The Untz, Sonic Bloom, Infrasound, and more, Pushloop’s dry spell ends today with a four-track release that will tickle the brain and numb the senses.

The entire project is a playful exercise in experimentation from beginning to end: From the EP’s title track with it’s wonky rhythms, glitchy breakbeats, and organic sampling techniques, to the mechanized wails and low frequencies of “Spicy Grilled Cheese” and “Pot Cookies,” to the highly-computerized tones and Galaga synths of “Old’s Cool.” At the end of the listening journey, it’s clear that Pushloop’s aptly-titled EP is referring to the loose wires in our brains after taking a deep dive into dub-laden territories.

When he finally allows listeners to come up for air, they come back to reality to find themselves in passively-attuned submission. While 99% of the bass music movement is coming to sound commercially copy-cat and not-at-all “future,” Pushloop is here to say that there’s still forward-thinking bass music out there. One simply need dig into the Deep, Dark & Dangerous world of the underground.