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deadmau5 is a beacon of progressive on new house single inspired by Cube V3, ‘Satrn’

Just when the world thought deadmau5 couldn’t have a better year, the man behind the mask, Joel Zimmerman, has evolved into a releasing machine. After all, the rate at which the Toronto producer releases music under his deadmau5 moniker is almost nonhuman. He’s just released a 15-track orchestral remix album in here’s the drop! in addition to non-stop mau5trap compilations and a massive label collaboration with Insomniac Records.

Suffice it to say, the non-stop releases have all been happening in the midst of deadmau5’s state-of-the-art Cube V3 tour. Zimmerman just made a notable two-day appearance at Colorado’s Red Rocks for “Day of the deadmau5.”

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Joel Zimmerman headlines Day of the deadmau5, Red Rocks, Colorado, Nov. 1-2, 2019.

One of the treasures from the tour is the seven-minute trove of progressive bewilderment, dubbed “Satrn.” Deadmau5 fans know that Zimmerman has been sitting on this one for a bit, and the only way to really hear the track in full force would be during one of his Cube V3 sets. Until now, that is, as the song is out today on mau5trap.

Equipped with a cinematic opening, enchanting melodies, and slow and steady progressive builds over synth-laden crescendos, “Satrn” completely stops you in your tracks. Deadmau5 has taken all the purist, most classic elements of progressive house and placed them into one meticulously designed composition, thus proving he’s a beacon of the genre. “Satrn” is deadmau5 doing what deadmau5 does best, through and through.