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GRiZ releases his fourth and final EP installment of the year, ‘Bangers[4].Zip’

GRiZ has been getting back to his roots with his recent string of Bangers.Zip releases. The EP series, which is rumored to have eight parts by the end of 2020, marks GRiZ getting back in touch with his heavy dub-step roots while blending those with the funk-forward elements he’s known for. Today, however, GRiZ finds his stride in a house groove on his final EP installment of the year, Bangers[4].Zip.

Featuring three tracks that fans have eagerly awaited after hearing them on the road,  Bangers[4].Zip begins with “Gonna Get Funky,” a groovy house track that samples the infamous Cha Cha Slide and takes listeners completely by surprise. “Let’s Get Weird” is a heavy-hitting dubstep tune that changes the pace before segueing into the brassy bass crowd-pleaser, “Tiger Kingdom Space Camp,” which samples prominent Australian band, The Cat Empire. Backed by a vibrant horn section and bass-laden build-ups, the instrumental anthem has been performed by a live marching band along a few of the stops on GRiZ’s international Ride Waves tour, which just wrapped its second season upon the release of Bangers.Zip[3].

The Bangers.Zip series is a less formal endeavor than GRiZ’s most recently released LP, Ride Waves, showcasing the producer’s diversity and range in a fun, no-frills manner. From the bass-heavy “Griztronics” to the dancefloor stepper “Gonna Get Funky,” fans have been consistently enamored with GRiZ’s versatility and strength. On top of all these off-the-cuff releases, GRiZ has been surprising fans with free pop-up shows around the US, making the experience of his music that much more intimate.

As the year-end approaches, GRiZ gears up for his sixth annual holiday event, GRiZMAS,
which returns to GriZ’s hometown for back-to-back sold-out shows on Friday, December 13, and Saturday, December 14, at Detroit’s Masonic Temple.