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GRiZ to release his ‘Bangers[4].Zip’ EP this Friday

GRiZ is releasing the fourth EP in his Bangers.Zip series this Friday, November 15.

Boulder-based future funk master GRiZ has already released enough new material this year to quench fans’ electro-funk cravings for a while. However, with so many releases comes the constant thirst for more. Thankfully, fans are being served up with another installment of GRiZ’s widely-acclaimed Bangers.Zip EP series.

The off-the-cuff, no-frills release will feature tracks that fans have eagerly awaited after previewing them on his latest tour, including the groovy house track, “Gonna Get Funky,” a first in his four-part collection. The opening track will be followed by a set of heavy-hitting dubstep and brassy bass tunes, “Let’s Get Weird” and “Tiger Kingdom Space Camp.”

Additionally, according to sources from close within the GRiZ family, GRiZ told a fan in a recent Q&A that the Bangers.Zip series will be released in eight consecutive parts. The remaining four EPs will be released over the course of 2020.

Until the week’s end, stream GRiZ’s first, second, and third installments from his Bangers.Zip EP series.

Photo credit: Ian Saunders Photography.