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RL GRIME and Juelz come together on new Sable Valley collaboration, ‘Formula’

At the recent Sable Valley warehouse party, RL GRIME was seen showcasing plenty of new IDs from his newly-formed imprint, along with a few more from his Halloween VIII mix. Now one of those IDs sees its full release in the form of a collaboration, titled “Formula,” between the Sable Valley head honcho and his label-signee, Juelz.

The track is meant to be reflective of the Sable Valley sonic stamp, which falls in line with RL GRIME’s robust trap sound. “Formula” epitomizes that direction, with budding build-ups, cathartic drops, and expansive atmospheres. If this is indeed the sonic direction that fans can expect from Sable Valley’s future output, then it’s safe to say the label will have plenty of new gems on the horizon.

Juelz also has a collaboration with Ekali in the works. While the ID does not yet have a release date, the two producers have been rinsing out the single in thier live sets. Ekali refers to Juelz as his “little protege in Vancouver 6 years ago.”