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Lucii recruits DirtySnatcha for new Wakaan collaboration, ‘I Need Your High’

Lucii (aka Emily Rose) may be a newcomer to the weird and wonderful world of underground bass, but Orlando-based artist is making great strides in a short time. Quick to become a label favorite on Wakaan, Lucii’s beats have been propped up by the likes of Yheti, Toadface, Conrank, The Widdler, CloZee, and many more bass music tastemakers.

After releasing a cunning acoustic re-do of her Wakaan single debut, “Neptune,” the Florida space bass producer returns three months later with “I Need Your High.”

“‘I Need Your High’ is walking through the emotional process of falling in love. We’ve all been in love and know the highs and lows that coincide,” says Lucii on the inspiration for the track. “In going through that, I felt like it was important to convey to people that they aren’t alone. It’s so emotional that it almost makes us feel insane and then we start to question things. It’s better to have loved and lost than not loved at all!”

Lucii enlists dubstep producer DirtySnatcha for a melodic bass masterpiece with wonky twists and turns. Filled with budding build-ups, and paralyzing drops, and emotional lyrics that likens love to a drug, “I Need Your High” is labyrinth of sound and seizure. Take a listen below.