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Gesaffelstein releases magnetic new remix of Rosaliá’s ‘A Palé’

To say Gesaffelstein‘s 2019 was the biggest comeback year of his career might be the understatement of the decade. The French techno maven and newly-signed Columbia artist released a full-length record, collaborated with pop stars like Pharrell and The Weeknd, played Coachella before embarking on a world tour, and followed up with a stunning EP. Not to mention, his Hyperion LP was named among CE‘s Top Albums of 2019.

Now Gesaffelstein is back with new music to kick off the new year, namely in the form of an official remix of Spanish pop star Rosaliá. Gesaffelstein was charged with officially remixing  “A Palé,” a track off her third studio album released last year. Rosalía first debuted the song at the 2019 Latin Grammy Awards in Las Vegas, where the Spanish singer-songwriter also won Album of the Year. The coveted award made her the first solo female performer to win since Shakira in 2006.

In true Gesa style, the French producer stamps his trademark sound on the original, replacing her breathy vocals with dark, industrial-tinged tones, hollowed-out basslines, stark synth fissures, and an overall analog, lo-fi feel. The result is a completely transformed tune that, while it doesn’t resemble the original in the slightest, will magnetize feet to the dancefloor. Watch the ROSALÍA original track and the Gesa remix against each other to see how starkly the two differ in sound design.