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Tycho announces massive 2020 world tour in support of his forthcoming ‘Simulcast’ album

Tycho has just announced a worldwide tour for his upcoming album, Simulcast. Two of the project’s tracks, “Outer Sunset” and “Stress” have already been released, but the other six won’t be coming out until February 28.

The tour will take shape in Los Angeles on February 3 and extends into early June with a final stop in Las Vegas. They’ll be traveling all across America and Europe during the month of February, hitting Stockholm, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, and many major cities along the way. The tour heads back to the US in May with a Miami stop, before heading to major markets all across the US.

Joining Tycho for the majority of the tour will be another electronic musician, Com Truise. However, the Texas shows will have the iconic disco duo Poolside. Full listings for the 44-date tour can be found below. Also, Tycho’s Simulcast is available for pre-order here.


Photo Credit: Facebook/@KirbyGladstein