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Destructo joins PY1 Nights from Cirque Du Soleil co-founder Guy Laliberté [Event Review]

Cirque Du Soleil co-founder Guy Laliberté has reimagined entertainment once again and it’s all happening inside of a new pyramid-shaped touring venue — PY1. The 81-foot-tall pop-up installation debuted in Montreal last summer and now calls Dallas, Texas it’s home over the next few weeks. It also doubles as an immersive venue combining 360-degree visuals, lights, and sound with live performance art and powerful storytelling to offer three new immersive experiences.

One of those experiences happens to be PY1 Nights, put on by promotion company Lune Ruge Entertainment. The event itself aims to be a redefined, thematic nightlife experience that presents six wonder-inspiring worlds and features music from internationally known DJs and artists. After being invited to attend one of those themed nights, Astral Plane featuring Destructo, we can say PY1 shoots and it scores.

From the stunning projection-mapped visuals and lasers coming from every direction to the roaming performers decked out in tribal garb and Gary Richards’ four-to-floor stomping beats, Astral Plane is rather hard to put into words. On the one hand, it feels as though you’ve stepped foot inside a Cirque Du Soleil set. On the other, the entire space feels like a Las Vegas club taken to the extreme.

So rather than try to explain the PY1 Experience, we’ve decided to show our readers. Without further ado, here are Conscious Electronic‘s top three stand-outs from PY1 Nights.

The music

Gary Richards (also known under his Destructo moniker) is a guy who’s reach in the dance music industry extends internationally. The LiveStyle CEO and All My Friends and FriendShip helmer took time to play a full club set complete with live performers, eye-popping projection-mapped visuals, and all the vibes of being on the Ship.

Make no mistake, the Ship Fam was out in full force throughout the evening. Smiles we spread in every direction, along with full Ship garb, and people trading stories about their past experiences on Holy Ship! and FriendShip. The evening’s turn out felt almost as if the Ship has docked on land in the heart of Dallas.

The performers

Considering the PY1 Experience comes from the brainchild of Cirque Du Soleil co-founder Guy Laliberté, the live performers/dancers were fully in-character and staunchly on point. Since the evening’s club theme was Astral Plane, party-goers were encourage to dress to the nines in “sparkling and bohemian spirits, shimmering crystals, and sacred symbols from any and all traditions.”

The performers themselves were dressed for cosmic travel, with a reverence for astrology and esoterics. The performance they delivered, which began in the center of the dance floor and extended outwards into the crowd, actually felt like being on-stage at a Cirque Du Soleil show. It’s an experience you really have to see and witness for yourself:

The visuals

Under the artistic direction of Sarah Bromley, the founder and creator of Zu Lab, PY1 Nights takes place on Saturday evenings taking up one of the following themes: Astral Plane, Candy World, Karnival, Eye Wonder, Pop, and Underworld. Bromley has over two decades of experience and has worked with the most prominent international talent in music, film, and culinary arts. With PY1 Nights, she’s reinforcing her core values of sustainability, inclusion, diversity and unbridled creativity.

Beyond the stunning lights, lasers, and projection mapping on every wall, the center piece of the pyramid dance party is the futuristic chandelier installment. Complete with LED lights on pulleys, the installment moved up and down throughout the evening for an immersive display. Attendees marveled at the site as they danced the night away under the epic display.