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Cloudchord teases upcoming EP with upbeat electronica single, ‘Hustle Dust’

Derek VanScoten is the the producer, teacher, and Emmy-winning musician behind Cloudchord. In 2018, the Austin-based multi-instrumentalist got on most people’s radar in dance music from his popular official remixes for CloZee and THEY. That same year also brought more singles as well as Koi Pond, a 12-track collaboration with Soul Food Horns via Chillhop music. Cloudhord has been releasing steadily since then, with his Oatmello-assisted Diamonds EP in 2019 and now upcoming four-track EP, Taken By The Sky, which will be independently released on February 13.

To celebrate, Cloudchord has released his newest indie, upbeat electronica single, “Hustle Dust,” the first single to see the light of day from his incoming short player. While Cloudchord tends to lean towards the lo-fi chill-hop aesthetic in most of his past catalog, “Hustle Dust” serves as a joyful, energetic detour. Neo-soul guitars and 1970s yacht rock flutes disintegrate into funky bass slaps, psychedelic vocal chops, and anime ear candy. Like the single’s elephant-based art, “Hustle Dust” merges beauty and power. “Hustle Dust” serves as a teaser for Cloudchord’s upcoming four-track Taken By The Sky EP, out next Thursday.